Call for innovation

Solutions for Smart Cities: Smart Mobility



The rapid development of ICT will have a profound impact on the way we live and work.

Singapore is building the World's first Smart Nation by harnessing technology to the fullest with the aim of improving the lives of citizens, creating more opportunities, and building stronger communities.


Four leading French corporates operating in Singapore are joining forces to boost that transition and with this joint call for innovations they search solutions for the future cities.


If you have a solution for Smart Mobility, join the transition and boost your business to new markets.



Smart Cities mean people and businesses are empowered through increased access to data, more participatory through the contribution of innovative ideas and solutions and that way more effective services that utilise technology to better serve citizens’ needs.


With this joint call four industry leaders are looking for solutions to their own focus areas.


In this subtopic Call for Innovation, the PSA Group is currently looking at New Technologies, Innovative Solutions and New Services that will better serve Future Mobility of the people and goods. Responding to customers’ changing habits and expectations, the PSA Group is developing vehicles that are connected to their environment and fitted with automated systems that pave the way for the self-driving car.


With this Call for Innovation, you will have the chance to exchange with our experts in order to assess together the potentiality of your solution to solve people issues in the field of tomorrow’s mobility.

What we are looking for


From a Technological point of view, we are mostly looking at solutions that will continue to make our vehicles connected to their environment and a hub for the Internet of Things.

Here is a sample of Technology that we are interesting in:

  • New Technology in order to improve the communication between vehicles and their external environment via Smart Miniature Antennae for example
  • New Sensors (such as 3D ultrasound, static LIDAR) in order to detect and reconstruct 3D environment around the vehicle, paving the way to autonomous vehicle
  • New Technology in order to get precise localisation of connected object
  • Improved Artificial Intelligence Algorithms in order to propose assistance perceived as adapted to the request made by a given person and taking account of the situation.
  • Universal solution for accessing the vehicle through a smart device
  • Usage of Biometric identification

More detailed Technology needs can also be found on our Corporate Website, click HERE


Since Mobility is not only driven by technology, we are also seeking new solutions in order to provide Efficient and Improved Mobility Experience for our customers such as:

  • Shared Mobility (Car-Sharing, Ride-Sharing,…)
  • Smart Parking and new ways to use the car when it’s parked
  • New ways to improve inter-modality and connection between different transport modes (MRT, Bus, Vehicle, Bikes, Kick-Scooters,…)


Last but not least, in a dense city like Singapore with a developed Mass Rapid Transport system, difficulties often rise for the First Mile, Last Mile part of your journey. This Call for Innovation is also open for you to propose your new technological solution or new service in this field.

Relevant proposal should

  • Support the transition towards Smart Cities and especially Smart Mobility
  • Offer new way of operation, business model or technology for the industry
  • Have a positive impact on the mobility behaviour and help to solve existing issues
  • Present a competitive advantage compared to already existing solutions
  • Be more than a concept based idea
  • Be compatible with the automotive constraints (size, cost, broad operational range,…)

What we are not interested in

  • Solutions that are not in the mobility scope
  • Solutions that are not supported by accurate and robust data or evidences
  • Solutions that do not bring novelty or improvement compare to competitors

Possible forms of collaboration

Depending on the maturity of the solutions, several forms of collaboration may be considered, including:

  • A specific research agreement in order to work together to meet our industrial needs and continue to assess the potential of your solution
  • Testing your solution in a pilot or real life experimentation, etc.
  • Incorporating the solution in a tender

Our ultimate goal is to establish win-win collaboration and help both parties to create value in solving society issues.

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