Call for innovation

Innovative Materials, Smart Processes and Additive Manufacturing



PSA Group following its worldwide open innovation strategy launches a new call for innovation towards SMEs and stat-ups eager to identify new opportunities of collaboration on “Innovative Materials, Smart Processes and Additive Manufacturing”.


As heart of many challenges, the ASEAN lead by Singapore claiming to become World's first smart Nation is harnessing technology to the fullest with the aim of creating a supportive environment of engagement to help budding ideas. PSA Group convinced by ASEAN potential in innovation on new materials, processes and additive manufacturing calls for solutions to tackle its challenges.


If your solution presents an innovative material, process or innovation in additive manufacturing join the transition and boost your business to new markets!



Keeping its spirit of Avant-garde, PSA Group is looking for new technologies, innovative solutions to better pursue its quest towards premium designs, noble materials and start-of-art manufacturing processes. Responding to customer’s changing habits and expectations for finished innovative materials, PSA Group is developing vehicles always more connected to our customers’ expectations to enrich their journey.


With this Call for Innovation, you will get the chance to exchange with PSA Group experts about new materials innovation and additive manufacturing processes. We commit ourselves to evaluate your company from corporate experts’ vision and assert possible ways of collaborations in the race for new businesses.


Coming Steps:


February 13th                  Innovation call launch

March, 15th                       End of the applications

March 31th                        Pre-selections of the proposals by PSA teams

April 25th                            Pitch of the selected PME/Strat-ups proposals

What we are looking for


If you have any solution the following fields....CONTACT US!


Innovative solutions or process for ennobling interior and exterior DS products pedigree

  • Noble materials based on wood, leather, precious stones etc.
  • New innovative materials
  • Innovative process of the material highlighting grasp of details and exceptional know-how (marquetry, weave of the fabric etc…)

Smart and transformable materials

  • Shape memory materials, color changing materials, texture changing materials, light changing materials.
  • Functional materials with integration of complete (or semi-complete) of detectors and/or sensors.

Innovative Additive Manufacturing (for interior and/or exterior designs)

  • 3D Part fabrication with natural materials: stones, wood, leather, metal (cupper, bronze, etc.), textile fibers, ceramic, paper, recycled materials…
  • Additive manufacturing with/over soft materials or presenting differentiating aspects
  • Multi-materials 3D part manufacturing for interior zones (seats, head restraints etc.)
  • High quality finishing processes for 3D printed parts
  • Innovative finishing or manufacturing processes for 3D printed plastic part giving similar aspects than injection processes.



Find more details about our needs on our coporate website

Relevant proposals should


  • Support the transition toward the use of innovative materials, new processes of fabrication or a possible future for tomorrow’s factories with additive manufacturing innovations.
  • Offer new ways of operation, business model or technology for the industry
  • Have a positive impact on the mobility behavior and help to solve existing issues
  • Present a competitive advantage compared to already existing solutions
  • Be more than a concept based idea
  • Be compatible with the automotive constraints (size, cost, broad operational range, …)

We are not interested in


  • Solutions that are not supported by accurate and robust data or evidences
  • Solutions that do not bring novelty or improvement compare to competitors

Possible forms of collaboration


Depending on the maturity of the solutions, several forms of collaboration may be considered, including:

  • A specific research agreement in order to work together to meet our industrial needs and continue to assess the potential of your solution
  • Testing your solution in a pilot or real life experimentation, etc.
  • Incorporating the solution in a tender

Our ultimate goal is to establish win-win collaboration and help both parties to create value in solving society issues.

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