How does it work?

Innovators send their application to open calls during the application period specified in the call description. After the call is closed the corporate experts will evaluate the applications and give feedback. The evaluation and feedback will take up to 2 months, during which the corporate can ask additional information via e-mail. All applicants will be informed about the results.


What is the purpose of this platform?

OpenInovasi platform enables efficient collaboration between local Growth Companies (SMEs and Startups), Research Labs and multinational corporates.


Why no NDA?

The NDA is not necessary for the preliminary study of the proposals, since any information submitted at this stage must be non-confidential. If, after the preliminary study, collaboration with corporate is started and more information is needed, a confidentiality agreement may be signed.

Why should I propose my solution?

The Program is a unique opportunity for SMEs, Startups and Research Labs to showcase their innovations to right people at leading corporates. The selected innovators will receive high-quality guidance from our corporate experts and a possibility to further develop their solution in collaboration and possibility to find new business opportunities.


How to propose a solution for innovation call?

Solution proposal for the open call is made by registering and filling in the application form online during the application period.



What do we need from you?

The proposal must be as precise and detailed as possible, with particular emphasis on how it meets the call requirements. Your proposal will be shared with experts, therefore accurate and consistent  information is required. If a Partner needs further information, still on a non-confidential nature, we will contact you by e-mail.


I proposed my solution but was not contacted after submission?

If you proposed your solution and have not heard anything from us after one month, please contact emmi.kaipio@veolia.com to check the status of your application.


What are the fees?

The application is free of charge for the growth companies.